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about us
(Illustration by Martin Davidson)

Our inspiration - The Spanish Sisters of Charity

The Spanish Sisters came to London over 45 years ago to help single Spanish young women who were alone and vulnerable in London. They supported them to integrate in the community, learn the language, and find employment. Some of them were mothers, and as they went to work, the Sisters looked after their children. Over time this developed into a Day Nursery.

For over 45 years, the Spanish Sisters of Charity helped raise children with love and unswerving dedication. They developed an ethos where children felt safe and secure, valued and unique. The Spanish Sisters of Charity Day Nursery closed its doors in July 2012 as the Sisters returned to Spain to continue their mission to help others in need. The Spanish Nursery and Children's Centre for Culture and Language was opened in recognition of their amazing work and with the desire to continue their incredible service to children and their families.

Meet the Team

All our staff are native Spanish speakers and are fluent in English. We pride with the level of the knowledge and expertise our staff show: most of our staff are Qualified Teachers at degree level or at least NVQ Level 3 and have significant experience in similar settings in Spain and UK. All our staff have current enhanced DBS checks, Paediatric First Aid and Child Protection Training as a minimum. We consider continuous professional training vital to improving the quality of our services and all our staff attend regular relevant training.

The Spanish Nursery operates a 'key person system' for all children under the age of 5 years. Before a child starts, a key person will be appointed from the group in which they are based. The key person ensures that the child's care needs (toileting, food, drink etc) are met on a daily basis, that they have equal access and are fully included within the Centre. The key person carries out regular observations on the child which forms part of their individual Achievement Report to ensure they are developing appropriately.

Carmen Rampersad

Carmen Rampersad

is the owner of The Spanish Nursery. Her background is in statutory child protection, safeguarding children’s welfare and quality assurance and for the last 14 years has occupied various management positions in a London Local Authority. As an independent consultant, Carmen has taught the Safeguarding Children module for Early Years practitioners who complete their Early Years degree at London Metropolitan University. She is the mother of two children, Stefan and Alex, and whilst not always based at The Spanish Nursey, she is a very active member of the management and leadership team of the nursery.


The Teaching Staff
Marta Paola Cebolla Fuertes

Marta Paola Cebolla Fuertes has a Degree in Pedagogy obtained in Spain. She also has specific qualifications and experience for Special Educational Needs. She has experience working with children who have Attention Deficit Disorder (with or without the hyperactive element). She is calm, patient and carrying, highly skilled in managing the team and promoting the best outcomes for our children. She is driven by the children’s achievements and strives to provide the best environment for our children to grow. She drives a curriculum which puts a strong emphasis on formation of strong attachments and happy children.


Gloria Martinez Martinez

Gloria Martinez Martinez is our Deputy Manager (currently on maternity leave until April 2018). Additional to Qualified Teacher Status Gloria is a qualified assistant medical nurse and a football coach and has over 10 years’ experience working with children ages 0 – 12 in primary schools and Early Years settings in UK and in Spain. Gloria is very affectionate with our children whilst at the same time supports them develop appropriate boundaries, routines and age appropriate independent skills.


Alicia Garcia Jimenez

Alicia Garcia Jimenez Alicia Garcia Jimenez has stepped up as the Deputy Manager in Gloria’s absence and she will take the lead in the Caterpillars room. Alicia is NVQ Level 3 qualified and has extensive experience as a room leader and nursery assistant working with children 0 – 5 years old. She has a warm, caring and patient nature, adores children and is a very good singer!


Natalia Barcelo

Natalia Barcelo has graduated as a Primary Education Teacher from Universidad Complutense (Madrid) and also has a Master's Degree in Special Education. In her spare time, she works as a leisure coach working with children and elderly people. She loves arts and crafts, painting and reading. Natalia has a lovely personality, she is very cheerful and patient, she is very dedicated to our children and she always thinks of others before thinking of herself.


Sergio Pacheco Sanchez

Sergio Pacheco Sanchez has a degree in Childhood Education gained at University of Granada. He has experience working with children ages 0-5 as well as primary school children. Sergio is passionate about working with children of different ages and abilities and to utilize a variety of methods to support his teaching. He enjoys music, painting, running and playing guitar. He is enthusiastic, creative, very warm and engaging with children. He also has a very good voice and loves singing to our children.


Ana Anguita Melgarejo is the newest member of our team. She is NVQ Level 3 qualified and specializes in children’s social integration. She has experience as a play worker with children ages 3 months to 4 years old both is Spain and in UK. As a teacher, Ana is very calm and engages naturally very well with the children. She is very creative, loves drawing and crafts and is very good at supporting children to express themselves through art.


Anca Anghel

Anca Anghel - our nursery cook, has a Level 2 in Catering and is a wonderful cook! She creates wonders in the kitchen and makes delicious meals that even the fussiest of eaters cannot resist. Our love for healthy, nutritious food cooked in the most hygienic of environments brought The Spanish Nursery the highest score in Food Safety Hygiene inspections for the last 3 inspections as well as the Little Steps to Health Lives Awards for the last 4 years running.


Information for parents

Support for parents
While still available, TSN accepts childcare vouchers towards the costs of the fees (nursery, after school and holiday schemes). Most childcare providers are accepted: Fideliti, EdenRed, Kiddivouchers and KidsUnlimited. We also receive funding for 15h free under the Universal 3 and 4 year olds scheme.

Siblings have priority admission and 10% sibling discount if they attend the same provision at the same time.
We also offer 30h free childcare education to qualifying children (available from the term after their third birthday). For more information, please contact carmen at thespanishnursery.com

Parents as partners
TSN operates an open door practice. Parents and carers can contact the staff at any time to discuss any issues related to their child or their family. The Directors are also available for appointments.

(Parents join us for weekly library trips)

Our aim is to reach a mutual understanding and highlight the nursery’s responsibility towards the parents / carers in providing best care and high quality education. We value and rely on the contribution the parents make towards their child’s learning. We welcome parents’ involvement in various projects in the nursery. Parents are invited to share their particular skill or interest with our children, like reading books, joining us for weekly library trips, doing photo workshop, etc.

Please ask the office for a copy of the Parents as Partners policy.

Parents Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) is a document designed for parents and it outlines the EYFS statutory requirements, what parents should expect from the childcare provider, how they can best support children’s learning and development, it talks about the prime and specific areas of learning, the progress check at age 2 and the EYFS profile (assessment at age 5). It also directs parents to further sources of information. The document can be found by accessing: https://www.foundationyears.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/EYFS_Parents_Guide.doc

Safeguarding children’s welfare
The Centre operates a comprehensive Child Protection procedure under which every staff has a duty to report concerns and share information with the Local Authority if there are safeguarding concerns about a child in the Centre. We will endeavour to always ask for the parent/carer’s consent before any information is shared however when/if there are reasons to believe that a child is put at further risk/likelihood of risk of significant harm by sharing the information with the parents/carers, than staff are under London Child Protection Procedures, 2005 duty to report such information without the parent’s consent. (For a copy of the child protection procedures please contact the main office).

The OFSTED report on the inspection held at The Spanish Nursery and Children’s Centre for Culture and Language on April 2016 is now available on OFSTED’s website.
You can access it here: https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/CARE/EY453063.
There is a lot of good work we are doing which is reflected in this report. We accept that as a newly formed nursery there are areas in which we need to improve, particularly in relation to the planning of the curriculum activities. We wish to assure you that we will continue to focus on the happiness and wellbeing of the children in our care and we are committed to address the areas of improvement identified in the report.
We are available to discuss with you if there are specific areas which you wish to address with us regarding the findings of the report, our plans to address the areas of improvement, the individual and collective experience of your children and yourselves at The Spanish Nursery.

Office for Standard in Education (OFSTED)
The Spanish Nursery and Children’s Centre for Culture and Language operates under the OFSTED registration number EY453063. OFSTED can be contacted on telephone number: 03001231231; by e-mail at: enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk and/or by post at the following address:

Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD


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Daily routines

Click here to see the daily routines »»

Healthy eating

(Our award-winning chéf, Valentina)

Food Standards Agency rating:

At TSN we do not cater food because we feel that fresh, home-made nutritious food is the best for children’s development. The food is prepared fresh onsite by our chef who has appropriate qualifications and experience and we ensure that only the best is available for our children.

• At 10am all the children share a fruit and a small snack
• At 12pm a three course freshly made meal is made available. Salad is on the menu daily and it includes a selection of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, grated carrots, sweet corn, beetroot, etc
• Water is available throughout the day and will be served with the food. No fizzy and sugary drinks are served;
• A glass of milk is served with the 3pm snack;
• Your comments are important to us and we value your feedback
• You are welcome to share some of your recipes with us

Our chéf won a "Little Steps to Healthy Lives" Award in February 2014.

(We bake cakes together)

We like to guide children to experiment with ingredients, textures and different materials. We are engaging children in cooking together and they enjoy the end result.

Birthdays are always celebrated at TSN and we welcome parents to bring a fruit based cake to share with the 12 o'clock meal (please do not bring nuts in the Centre in case of severe allergies).

(Support children use cutlery)

Our staff eat with the children and we strongly believe in the importance of meals as social events and sharing food. We are happy to invite parents to have lunch with us and the children; just let us know when you want to come so we can make arrangements.

For a sample of the menu, please see this document. »»
Click here to see a picture gallery of food served »»

The food we are serving is meeting the guidelines set by the Children's Food Trust (Voluntary Food and Drink guidelines for Early Years). These guidelines can be found at: https://www.childrensfoodtrust.org.uk/resources/ebsb-resources/guidelines »».

It is important to evaluate and reflect on everything we do within our setting, including our approach to food and drink provision. We do this by:

• Getting feedback from parents and acting on their suggestions;
• Feedback from staff who attend relevant and up to date training in this area;
• Reviewing the food policy once a year together with the rest of the policies and procedures.